Amba Haldi Powder

Amba Haldi is a fine herb which is rich in vitamins, nutrition’s, fatty acids, minerals, curcumin, carbohydrates and so on. It is Collected from eastern Himalayan region and used in various medicines. If you are looking for Amba Haldi (raw turmeric) Powder in India? Find here, Pooja Traders is one of the renowned Amba Haldi Powder Manufacturers, Suppliers in India at Ahmedabad. In Indian cuisine raw turmeric is also used as an herb. Amba Haldi is also known as kachhi haldi, ambiya haldi, raw turmeric and etc.

Specification for Amba Haldi (raw turmeric):

Botanical Name:  Zingiberaceae

Scientific Name: Curcuma Zedoaria

Family Name: genus Curcuma

Common Name: Mango Ginger

Hindi Name: Amba Haldi

Flesh colors: creamy color to light yellow

Taste: Bitter

Here is the list of Amba Haldi benefits:

  • Helps in healing throat infections
  • For glowing skin
  • Lowering blood sugar levels
  • Used for skin care treatment
  • It helps in maintaining blood sugar levels
  • Used for acne scars
  • Anti-inflammatory and painkiller property
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