Aritha Powder

Aritha Powder, also known as Soapnut Powder. It is one of the popular herbs listed among the Ayurveda. It is excellent cleanser for your skin. It makes your skin soft and prevents it from drying. Soapnuts water can be used as face wash. Pooja Traders Ahmedabad based Leading Aritha Powder Manufacturers in India. And supply it very reliable prices to our valuable customers. Aritha powder is generally used in combination with Shikakai, amla and methi powder for hair cleansing and conditioning. our Powder are widely demanded in medium and large sized enterprises in all over india.

Specification of Aritha Powder:

Botanical or scientific Name: Sapindus Mukorossi
Hindi Name: Reetha, Ritha, Aritha, Phenil, Risht, Rishtak

Gujarati Name: Arithi, Aritho, Arithu
Tamil Name: Pannankottai, Punalai, Punthi, Puvanti
Telugu Name: Kunkum Chettu, Kunkuduchettu, Phenilamu
Manipuri Name: Kekru
Malayalam Name: Cavakkaay
Kannada Name: Antuvala kayi, Norekaayi, Togate mara
Common Name: Soapnut, Reetha, Soapberry, Washnut, Dodan, Doadni or Doda, Kanma, Thali, Boondi Kottai, Kumkudukaya

Benefits of Aritha Powder:

  • Used for good health of hair and its good treatment for hair problems.
  • Key ingredients in shampoos and soaps
  • Use for Cleaning Face, Dandruff, Jewellery & Cloth
  • Aritha water is also beneficial for facial skin tone and helps to clean face.
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