Clove (Laung) Powder

Cloves are one of the spices indigenous to Asian countries. That contains anti-mutagenic and antimicrobial properties. cloves are characterized by intensive fragrance, warm flavor and pungent taste. it is beneficial in reducing blood sugar levels.


We are Ahmedabad based well-known Clove powder Manufacturers in India. other name of cloves is “Lavang“, “Laung“. it is very common type of spices that are extensively used for cooking and other purposes. Cloves is most popular flavouring agent that used in a variety of ways across the world, particularly in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and even areas of East Africa. We also supply other Indian Cooking spices like cinnamon powder, black pepper powder, cumin powder, garlic powder and many more.

Specification of Clove Powder:

Scientific Name: Syzygium aromaticum
Gujarati Name: Laving
Hindi Name: laung
Telugu Name: Kirambu
Marathi & Punjabi Names: Lavang
Common Name: Clove tree, Laung, Lavanga, Lawang, Laong

Benefits of Clove Powder:

  • Diabetes Control
  • Anti-Mutagenic Properties
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Cure for Oral Diseases
  • Cure for Headaches
  • Good for the Stomach
  • Skin Health
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