Moringa Leaves Powder

What is in Moringa?


Moringa plant called “miracle moringa” also known as horseradish tree, ben oil tree, or drumstick tree and Scientific name of “Moringa Oleifera”. Moringa Tree is native to India but also grows in Asia, Africa, and South America.


Pooja Traders is Ahmedabad based one of the leading Moringa Powder Manufacturer in India that make Moringa Leaves (Leaf) powder is used freshly harvested leaves of the moringa tree. Our moringa leaf powder is deep green in color and has a rich nutty smell.


Different Name of Moringa Oleifera:-

  • Botanical Name: Moringa Oleifera
  • English Name: Moringa
  • Hindi Name: Munaga, Munga Ara, Sahijna, Sarinjna, Segra, Shajmah, Shajna
  • Sanskrit/Ayurvedic Name: Sigru Shobhanjan, Sobhan jana, Shobanjana, Danshamula
  • Gujarati Name: Suragavo, Midho-saragavo, Saragavo, Saragvo


Moringa contains many healthful compounds like vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B-6, folate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Calcium, Potassium, Iron.


Benefits of Moringa Leaves (Leaf) Powder?

  • Boosts Stamina & Improves Immunity
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Protecting and nourishing skin and hair
  • Protecting the liver
  • Preventing and treating cancer
  • Treating stomach complaints
  • Fighting against bacterial diseases
  • Making bones healthier
  • Protecting the cardiovascular system
  • Helping wounds to heal
  • Treating diabetes & Controls Diabetes
  • Treating asthma
  • Protecting against kidney disorders
  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Improving eye health
  • Lowers Cholesterol & Controls Blood Pressure
  • Detoxifies & Treats Depression
  • Good For Pregnant Women And Lactating Mothers
  • Treats Minor Infections
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