Pashanbhed Powder

Pashanbhed is a medicinal plant that useful in treatment of many ailments but particularly for urinary calculi. Also in wounds, diseases of the vitiated Rakta and Pitta dosha. Pooja Traders is Ahmedabad based one of the renowned Pashanbhed Powder Manufacturer in India. This herb is mainly found in Himalaya and the Khasi hills Assam, India. And very common in Pakistan, Central and East Asia. We also supplying and Exporting Pashanbhed Powder in India at very reliable prices to our valuable customers.

Specification of Pashanbhed (Bergenia ligulata) Powder:

Gujarati Name: Pakhanbheda, Pashanbheda
Sanskrit Name: Ashmabheda, Nagbhita, Pashaanbheda, Silabheda
Hindi Name: Dakachru, Pakhanabhed, Pakhanabheda, Patharcua, Silparo, Silpbheda
Bengali Name: Himasagara, Patharchuri, Patrankur
Marathi Name: Pashanbheda
Punjabi Name: Batpia, Dharposh, Kachalu, Pashanbhed
Telugu Name: Kondapindi, Telanurupindi
Urdu Name: Kachalu, Pakhanabheda
Malayalam Name: Kallurvanchi, Kallurvanni, Kallorvanchi
Kashmiri Name: Pashanbhed
Tamil Name: Sirupilai

Ingredients use:

Kshurak, Bramharuksha, Kurdubi, Ghetuli, Bilvapatra, Pashanbhed

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