Arjun Chal Powder

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity

10 Kilogram



Packaging Type


Pack Size (gram)

10 gm to 25 gm


Not Organic



Pioneers in the industry, we offer Arjun Powder from India. Pooja Traders is an unparalleled name engaged in providing high-quality assortments of Arjun Powder. we are Arjun (Arjuna) Terminalia, Arjuna powderManufacturersand supplier in India.

Specification of Arjuna powder:

  • Botanical Name – Terminalia arjuna (Roxb) W&A
  • Gujarati Name – Sadado
  • English Name – Arjun Tree, Arjunolic Myrobalan
  • Hindi & Bengali Name – Arjun
  • Telugu Name – Tella Maddi
  • Marathi Name – Sadaru
  • Tamil Name – Poomarudhu, Neermarudhu / Belma/Marudam patti / Marutu

Benefits of Arjun (Arjuna) Terminalia Powder:

  • It supports cholesterol health along with yoga, walking and healthy diet plan which is already in healthy state.
  • Helps to support calmness & relaxation of body.
  • Arjuna is a heart tonic that helps to maintain a healthy heart.
  • It helps support body to fight with daily life stress.
  • Promote healthy heart functioning.
  • It helps to support the strength of bones.

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