Wonderful Benefits of Amla Powder: A Powerful Super food

Amla powder is a powerhouse of nutrients that supports healthy, shiny hair and glowing skin. It has eight times more vitamin C than an orange. It is one of the strongest rejuvenation & anti- oxidant herbs.

Wonderful Benefits of Amla Powder: A Powerful Super foodSpecification of Amla Powder:

Botanical Name: Phyllanthus emblica syn. Emblica officinalis

Sanskrit Name: Amalaki

Gujarati Name: Amada, Amla

English Name: Indian Gooseberry, & Emblic Myrobalan, Malacca Tree

Other Name: Amla, Awala, Aonla, Amalaki, Dhatri, Dhatriphala, Amalika, Aonla, Vayastha, Vrushya, Sriphalam, Amalakan

Wonderful Benefits of Amla PowderWhat Are the Benefits of Amla Powder?

  • Promote healthy hair and make hair appear more glossy and shiny
  • Reduce high cholesterol
  • Acts as a natural hair conditioner
  • High levels antioxidant and vitamin C content
  • Good source of albumen, iron, calcium, protein, phosphorus and carbohydrates

Different Ways to Take Amla (Amalaki):

  • Fresh Amla Fruit
  • Powdered Amla
  • Amla Juice
  • Amla Chutney
  • Amla Candy
  • Amla C Capsules

Amla Powder manufacturersSide Effects Of Amla You Should Be Aware Of:

  • Not Safe For Diabetics
  • It Could Impact Blood Pressure Levels
  • Avoid Amla If You Are Hypoglycaemic
  • You Might Be Allergic To Amla
  • It might cause uneasiness during pregnancy


Amla or Phyllanthus Emblica belongs to family Euphorbiaceous. It can be mixed with water and can be used along with the shampoo. Amla is a powerful and rejuvenating super food for better health and more energy. Its Sanskrit word ‘Amalaki’ meaning “nectar of life”. Most of us eat amla as pickle, juices and Chyawanprash.

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